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Thursday, February 28, 2002
Hellooooooooooooo all my net friends,

I've got to anounce the winner of my media competition between Australia and New Zealand this week - the winner is... Australia!!! Yeah!

Whoops got to go - some guests have just arrived to see me - it's probably another reporter (again!) - being famous is so hard...

Love to you all - oh my next media competition is between Norway and Sweden - so the Swedish hav e abit of work to do to get me some press. As alwaysd the country that visits me the most wins! Yeah!!!

Love to you all,

Robbie Grace xxx
(28 days alive)

P.S. New photo on the website tomorrow to celebrate being one month old! Yeah!!!

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Robbie is featured in an article on
posted by Robbie Grace 2/28/2002 07:07:00 PM
Wednesday, February 27, 2002
Hello to all my new friends from Norway!

I'm nearly one month old now - maybe I'll get an e-mail or two congratualting me on this baby milestone.

I must wish my great cousin Julie Happy Birthday today! Good luck in Australia! My Uncle Andrew's just been there - it's lovely and hot and me and Mummy like watching their soap operas. Mummy is also a secret fan of Steve Urwin - he could make even a really really cute baby like me seem like a scarey animal, needing his aussie bush techniques!!!

I've had a quiet day with Mummy - I took ages to be fed today - but I am getting better. I must wish happy birthday as well to Andres Felipe Beltran - who BT's using for its latest BT Broadband campaign - Shame I was overlooked - oh well I guess I'm still famous anyway - what with my future BMI Baby commercial... ;)

Love to you all, my internet friends,

Babby Robbie Grace xxx
(27 days young)

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posted by Robbie Grace 2/27/2002 08:02:00 PM
Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Especially to all my new friends from Norway - please remember to sign my guestbook!

Hope you're all fine my little net friends, though I really don't have much to report today (I am still only a baby - my diary isn't exactly packed full of exectuive meetings - maybe next week :) )

I was a good baby last night and ate all of my tea and slept really well. Then I woke up all very exicted to see I've been visited by some new Scandinavians. Mummy had to get my map out and put little pins in my most recent conquest! My map looks like its got the measles now!

Mummy and Daddy are secretly off to buy me a Baby Gym today which I'm obviously v. excited about. Mummy and Daddy fink I don't know about it - but I do you know!

Love to you all,

A very, very big baby kiss to all of you who've sent me postcards already at my address:

Robbie Grace Cripps,
Sorby Hall,
Endcliffe Vale Road,
S10 3ES,

and to all of you who've signed my guestbook - you're just too kind.

Robbie Grace xxx
26 days old - Famous in Norway - where next?

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[ Today in RobbieMedia - here ]
Robbie is featured on norway third biggest website, - click here for the article

posted by Robbie Grace 2/26/2002 10:13:00 AM
Monday, February 25, 2002
Hello to all my fans on the net, especially those visiting me today from Denmark!

I've had a quite quiet Monday with mummy after another hectic weekend of another continuous stream of visitors and autograph hunters (I'm still not a month old - no moaning about my signature!).

Apparently I've been in Denmarks press today - could people pelase, please, please send me a copy of the papers I'm in? My address for postcards (see Sunday) or newspapers is below:

Robbie Grace Cripps,
Sorby Hall,
Endcliffe Vale Road,
S10 3ES

Love to you all - Mummys going to put on some more of her 'easy listening' music.

Love Robbie Grace x
(25 days old)

P.S. Please remember to sign my guestbook - A big baby kiss to those who do!
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[ Today in RobbieMedia - here
- Robbie is featured in Sheffield University's Steel Press
- Robbie's story is reported on Denarks' online news
- Robbie is reported in Denmark local and national papers ]
posted by Robbie Grace 2/25/2002 07:38:00 PM
Sunday, February 24, 2002
Hello everyone,

I went on an exciting, bumpy ride with Uncle Pete yesterday and I'm starting to make lots of little noises which Mummy and Daddy are finding quite exciting! :)

Went to church today and Mummy and Daddy could also tell that Im also looking at things more and focusing at times at different things. Apparently I look like Daddy when he was a baby which is a bit freaky!

It's time to launch my 4th Robbie Grace Cripps Challenge - this week it is to get at myany postcards as possible from all over the world - on the back of your postcard please write your favourite joke (even if I probably won't understand it!) Please send your postcard to me at the following address:

Robbie Grace Cripps,
Sorby Hall,
Endcliffe Vale Road,
S10 3ES

I'd like as many as possible from all over the world - so please write to me... I'll keep them for when I'm a little older and can look at all the countries in the world that I must visit! :-)

Lots of Love Robbie Grace xxx
(3 weeks old)

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posted by Robbie Grace 2/24/2002 05:34:00 PM
Saturday, February 23, 2002
Hello my internet firends, especially Anneliese Deboeck!

I woke up this morning really excited to recieve my first ever parcel! Anneliese sent mye a copy of Belgiums biggest newspaper De Morgen with an article all about me on its page 2! I'm having a great day already! Thank you so, so, so, so much to Anneliese for her newspaper - I'll have a good read of it when I'm a little older. Maybe more fans of mine have newspapers with article son me in? Perhaps you too would like to maybe e-mail me and send me the articles?

I've got lots of visitors coming round today - a big thank you to all the people who've bought me presents - you really have been so generous!

Love to you all

Robbie Grace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. I wonder who'll be the 300th person to sign my guestbook??????

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posted by Robbie Grace 2/23/2002 02:30:00 PM
Friday, February 22, 2002
Hello everyone on the Internet!

I've seen lots of family and friends today - Auntie Katheryn came over and entertained me so much that I nearly mustered my first ever smile! Well, Mummy and Daddy think it looked a little less like wind than normal! I guess you all think from my net exploits that I can smile by now - but you have to remember I'm only three weeks old.

The health visitor weighed me today - I'm now 8lb 7oz!!! Woo Hoo!

Thank you for all signing my guesbook - I love you all,

Love Robbie Grace xxx

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posted by Robbie Grace 2/22/2002 08:24:00 PM
Thursday, February 21, 2002
Hi everyone!

Robbie Grace here - the youngest person on the Net!

I've been sleeping a lot today (again!) but I'm very, very excited to announce the winner of the Robbie Grace Media challenge I set last Thursday. The competition was between the Netherlands and Belguim. I can announce that the winner is... Belguim!!! Here's the stats:

Belgium 2,358 (15.5%)

The Netherlands 2,105 (13.9%)

So Belguim will get their very own E-Card when my cousin gets round to making it!

This next weeks challenge is.... New Zealand vs. Australia - I wonder who'll win and get the most people to my site?

Love to all my new friends around the world,

Robbie Grace xxxxxxxxxxx

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posted by Robbie Grace 2/21/2002 04:30:00 PM
Wednesday, February 20, 2002
Hello my internet buddies,

I've been sleeping a lot today and watched Fiddler on the Roof (again!!!) with Mummy... I'm getting to know all the words, "If I were a rich baby..."

I'm getting serious Pop Idol withdrawal syndrome. What will a baby do on a Saturday night now?

Love you all lots, please try an sign my guestbook - I love finding out about you all,

Robbie Grace xxx

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posted by Robbie Grace 2/20/2002 06:32:00 PM
Tuesday, February 19, 2002
Hi everyone,

Went to see the Doctor today with Mummy for a baby check up,

The car journey was my first with Mummy and very exciting for us both.

Then we got home and listened to Frank Sinatra singing Moonriver (I'm a very cultured baby)

Love to you all,

Robbie Grace xxx

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posted by Robbie Grace 2/19/2002 11:58:00 PM
Monday, February 18, 2002
Hello everyone on the Net,

I've had a really quiet day with Mummy today. Daddy's gone back to work and I've just been playing baby games with Mummy.

We watched Neighbours - they've changed the titles Mummy says!

Love to you all,

Robbie Grace Cripps xxx
Two weeks old, very famous

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[ Journalists have a look in RobbieMedia - here ]
posted by Robbie Grace 2/18/2002 07:46:00 PM
Sunday, February 17, 2002
Hello my new net best friends!

I'm having a quite quiet Sunday. Went to church with Mummy and Daddy and was a very good baby there.

It's time to launch the third Robbie Grace Cripps Challenge of the Week - this week its to get over 40 radio stations all over the world to mention my site. Remember you can say its at ("New Sprog") and remember to sign my guestbook or e mail me if I'm on your station and tell me so I can link to you from the site. Elsewhere I also want a nappy endorsement (like that'll happen!)

Mummy and Daddy have been playing Tom Jones' Pussy Cat Memory game with me - have a look its great fun -
click Tom Jones here.

Must go and have my tea!

P.S. I'll put on a new picture in my photo album tomorrow for you all!

Love Robbie Grace xxx
(Just two weeks old)

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[ Today In RobbieMedia - here ]
Robbie is announced on a New Zealand radio station Classic Hits 88Fm (thanks Tracie for letting me know!)
posted by Robbie Grace 2/17/2002 03:53:00 PM
Saturday, February 16, 2002
Hello Robbie addicts, hope you're all well....
Yes, another gripping installment of my life!

I had a bath last night, my 2nd one and although I wasn't very keen at first (the water made me cry!) I did enjoy it by the end.

Last night I managed to sleep for 4 hours in a row which Mummy and Daddy found quite exciting - howeve this morning I did take about 2 1/2 hours to feed though (he he)

I'm at my first wedding today and wearing my new little outfit which I bought the other day. It's a little Winnie the Pooh number and has got me a little nervous - I think I've upstaged the bride!

Anyway I must put my laptop away now - I think its rude to update your website during the speeches!

Love Robbie
(Matthew Mandy and Robbie - not the controversial vaccine)

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[ Today In RobbieMedia - here ]
Robbie is reported in The Guardian's the editor supplement
posted by Robbie Grace 2/16/2002 06:06:00 PM
Friday, February 15, 2002
Hi my Internet Fans,

Went for a nice walk with Mummy and Daddy today - I got to see lots of Basingstoke - it really is the most beautiful place I've ever seen! And the only place I've ever seen.
Then Mummy and Daddy sorted through all my pictures and made a little Photo Album of me.

We've all had a bit of a restful day. A Health Visitor came to see me - I now weigh 7 lb 14 which is means I'm obviously eating well and keeping well. The health visitor recognised me from the paper !!! I also had a couple of visitors, I refrained from giving them an autograph - It'll be a while before I learn to write with a pen - I prefer my computer at the moment - made for little baby fingers!

Love to you all - thanks for telling me I was born in the year of the Snake - why couldn't I have been born in the year of the Teddy Bear?!?

I love my Teddy Bear.

Robbie Grace xxx
(2 weeks old)

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[ Journalists - have a look in RobbieMedia - here ]
posted by Robbie Grace 2/15/2002 07:29:00 PM
Thursday, February 14, 2002
Valentine's Day

Hello everyone, Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you to all those who've sent me e-mails and cards already today - I must definately be too young to get a Valentine's Card!

Mummy and Daddy went to properly register my birth yesterday - I must be one of the only people to have a website domain registered in my name before I've officially been registered as born! Mummy and Daddy are teachers and on half term this week - so they both get to spend a lovely Valentine's day we me! Yeah!!!

Mummy and Daddy told me today why they called me Robbie Grace Cripps. Here's what they said for all of you:

"Robbie - We liked your name, thought it was a bit different but not too wacky

Grace - God's grace is an amazing gift. It is because of God's grace that we can be saved from our wrong because Jesus died for us. We wanted to include this important thing in your name."

It was really, really exciting finding out about my name - one of the most famous names ever on the Internet!

The Netherlands vs. Belguim

Today I'd like to launch the first ever Robbie Grace Cripps International RobbieMedia Competition. In the past week I've got a lot of hits from the Netherlands and Belguim (who've now upped their percentage to 14% from 0.7% originally) The competition is, this week, between these two countries. The country which gets the most people to go on my site in the next week (Thursday to Thursday) will get a very special E-Card made declaring them the first ever International RobbieMedia Champions. So in your countries you will need to get the Radio, TV and Newspapers on your side to get me the most votes from your country. I'm a very excited baby about announcing which country wins wins! Congratualtions to De Telegraaf in the Netherlands and Telenet Breedband in Belguim for getting more people interested in me! Next Thursday I'll announce the result and set a new vs. competition.

Love Robbie Grace Cripps - quite sleepy xxx
(Hey I've got over 15, 000 visitors before I'm two weeks old!))

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[ Today In RobbieMedia - here ]
Robbie is featured in the Sheffield Star (Sheffield's where the Fully Monty was set - UKs 4th largest city)
Family Radio 89,7 FM Croatia made me their website of the week - click herefor their site.
Telenet Breedband, Belguim service Provider, report my story here
posted by Robbie Grace 2/14/2002 05:50:00 PM
Wednesday, February 13, 2002
Hello everybody!

I was a very very hungry baby yesterday - just as well I had all those pancakes to eat (baby food versions of course!)

Some visitors from Church came round and absolutely tired me out! I was a very good baby though, I smiled a bit for them.
Mummy says thanks to all the people from the Netherlands visiting - yesterday you overtook the UK - so Mummy's going to have to write to your Embassy to say a big "thank you."

Thanks for all your comments in the guestbook - Mummy and Daddy sit down to read them to me every night after my tea! They particularly liked Heidi's comments - a nice long entry - I'd like more like that please! Soon they'll be some more pictures on here, hope you can wait a bit (I know np and Adelaida can't!) Have a look at my picture
here if you're a little impatient.

Feeling tired again - Being famous is a little tiring, but being so cute wears me out even more!!!

Love you all, my Internet Friends

Happy Chinese New Year (It's the year of the horse, apparently) - wonder what year I was born in. Maybe someone who knows could sign my guestbook and tell me!

Little Robbie Grace xxx
(12 and half days old)

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[ Today In RobbieMedia - here ]
Robbie goes out on Hallam FM - Todays best music for Yorkshire and the South Midlands
Russian Webplanet reports on Robbie
posted by Robbie Grace 2/13/2002 02:37:00 PM
Tuesday, February 12, 2002
Shrove Tuesday

Hello my new friends on the Internet - including Hungarian Radio Station Est FM 98.6 - visit them
here - who've made me their site of the day!

Went shopping with Mummy yesterday. It was so much fun! I think I'll like shopping a lot when I'm a little older, infact I think I love it now already! We bought lots and lots of nice things - Mummy got me a little outfit from Mothercare, for a wedding I'm going to next weekend - Daddy said he thinks its looks great on me! (but Mummys hidden the bill from him - won't that be a surprise!)

Today's Pancake Day so I'm getting very, very excited again. Daddy tells me this only happens once a year, so I'm looking forward to every minuite of it. We're going to make some really nice pancakes (hopefully), though Daddy says I'm not old enough to toss them yet!!! Apparently today marks the start of Lent, so I've got to give something up. Maybe I'll give up writing this website........... only joking! As if! Thank you to all the nice people who've been telling you about my little place on the web - particularly De Telegraaf in the Netherlands - I think Mummy's going to have to write to your Embassy to thank you all! Thanks to all you Netherlish for signing my guestbook and all your nice e-mails. Please make sure you sign my guestbook too - especially if you're from Bolivia (haven't got anyone from there down as visiting yet).

Grandad is getting very excited by my Media exposure - I was on Tv yesterday - he's even stopped reading his newspaper and started listening to Steve Wright. He really wants to see me on GMTV, though I'd quite like to go on Richard & Judy personally! If you're a journalist or researcher interested in my story then please have a little look at my media kit linked from here.

Elsewhere I must mark my 10, 000th visit - and before I was technically 10 days old! Also NedStat rate me as the most accessed non-commerical site on their statistics today. Click here to have a little look at little young me in pole position.

Mummy and Daddy are a bit overwhelmed,

Lots of Love to you all my Internet Friends!

Don't forget to have a look at my picture - here- The 2, 500 who've had a look seem to think I'm quite cute {baby blush}

Robbie Grace xxxxxxxxxx
posted by Robbie Grace 2/12/2002 09:03:00 AM
Monday, February 11, 2002
Hello everyone who's found my little baby page - I'm only a week old!!!

Thanks to Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2 for making me the Website of the Day. Click
here - I'm a very proud baby!

Today I woke up excited because I'm on the TV. What's more, even before I woke up, AOL News were reporting my story! Oh my Giddy Auntie Sue! Dublin FM104 announced my site on radio!!! (remember you can call it on radio - it's easier to find that way for your listeners) My cousin Peter's getting a little jealous of my media exposure - I'm now the biggest star in his family! Have a look at his CV to find out why. It's on Got your plug in Uncle Peter!!!

Anyway back to me - the star of this website - I'm in a bit of a strop today because frankly my Cot just isn't big enough, I want my website painted smartie colour orange and my pack of wild alligators just haven't arrived. The temperature of my milks just plain wrong and I think I prefer Evian, anyway!!! Seeing as I'm now more famous than Brooklyn Beckham (I wonder how many people in the Himalayas have heard of him!) I deserve to be treated as a star.

Just wet my nappy again.

There's always something to bring you back down to earth.

See you later on TV! I'll be watching with my entourage (Mummy and Daddy)!

P.S. Please, please, please, please, please, please, plesase sign my guestbook - click here - or send me an e-mail - I love them all so much!

P.P.S. Send an E-Card to your friends of me - saying have a good day love the internets youngest member. Click here for my piccys...

Robbie Grace xxx
posted by Robbie Grace 2/11/2002 10:30:00 AM
Sunday, February 10, 2002
Hello my new friends from around the world- especially those who've just found me, the Internets youngest member, on - they supply the news to AOL and Yahoo!!! Cool!!!

I can't believe the week I've had - everyones been so interested in me and I've got so many nice e-mails and people signing the guestbook. For those new to the site, I was born on February 1st and since then have put on a little wieght - I now weigh 7lb 9oz. Please remember to link to me or maybe send a really cute E-card to a friend saying "hope you have a good day - love the Internets youngest member" - you can send my e-card picture from here. If you're a journalist and interested in my media story then please click here for my media profile.

Thank you also to those who've signed my comments as well. One person from Adelaide is under the impression that Prince William won Pop Idol! You do get some funny people around don't you!!!

It was a little shame that Gareth lost out on Pop Idol - Great Auntie Sue tried to get through to vote for me all night, but couldn't get to vote for him for me, the youngest member of the Internet. It all made me cry a little. ;-( Oh well, I guess I'll buy his record as soon as it comes out!!

Its now time for the 2nd ever Robbie Grace Cripps Challenge. This weeks challenge is to get as many cities in as many countries to sign my guestbook as possible. Since over 50% of you on the site are from America, maybe you could aim to get a post from every US state! I really, really, really, really like to know where everyones from. Its the best game of eye-spy ever played!!!

My nappy smells a bit - guess I got a bit too excited during the Pop Idol final!

Lots of Love to you all,

My best friends on the Internet,

Robbie Grace xxx
(One week and one day old)
posted by Robbie Grace 2/10/2002 03:32:00 PM
Saturday, February 09, 2002
Hello my new friends,

I'm nearly wetting myself with excitement about the Pop Idol final which (for those from Taiwan and wherever) is a talent contest where the finals on tonight. All the time I was in the womb I listened to all the people singing - tonights the final. I'm supporting Gareth to win because he's a cutie - apparently if he wins he gets to go on Parkinson - it will be a specially extended 8 hour edition! Imagine if the internet Dot Tot swings the vote!!!

Yesterday I had a camera crew round and was filmed on TV - it was all so exhausting - they probably got lots of film of me asleep! My media profile is growing by the minute with the Basingstoke Gazette covering my story as well - have a look at
the article here - it's all just so exciting.

I now now weigh 7lb 9 which is good I've got my weight back. Today I was lucky enough to get visits from Great Nanny Delve and Great Uncle John and Aunty Jean (and Nanna and Kathryn). I had lots of presents I was very excited.

Tomorrow I'm going to Church for the first time. We'll probably be thinking about the Royal family at this time - its very sad news about the death of Princess Margaret, the Queens sister - our prayers will go out to her family, especially the Queen and the Queen Mother.

Thanks again for all my messages in my guestbook and and e-mails - please write more - I always like to hear from people from far away lands. It really has been one of the most exciting weeks of my life. Oh yeah and the only week of my life.

Love to you all - my Internet fans,

Robbie Grace Cripps xx
(Just over one week old)
posted by Robbie Grace 2/09/2002 07:09:00 PM
Friday, February 08, 2002
Hello everybody!!!

I'm the Internets youngest member and the first ever baby to have a website set-up and a domain name registered on my date of birth!!!

I'm now a week old and have had over 6, 000 different visitors to my site and average over a thousand hits a day - making me the most famous Dot Tot ever!!!

Yesterday I went out for my first stroll in my new pram - its great fun!!! I also had this midwife come round who took some blood from my heel which I didn't like one bit.
I slept slightly better last night - though I woke up a few times because I was so excited! I'm on TV today!!! My little story has made the news - how exciting!!! Thank you Grandad for your e-mail - I guess I am kind of a star {baby blush}

Love to all the school children I met yesterday with Mummy - thank you for being so excited about my vote in Pop Idol for Gareth - wouldn't it be funny if the Internet's youngest member influenced the vote with you all!!!

Mummy and Daddy send their love to everyone who's
signed my guestbook and e-mailed me - please don't feel afraid to contact me - I'm sure being a week old is some sort of celebration.
Love to all my friends around the world in the 60+ countries who've seen my little place on the Web.
(The Youngest Member of the Internet - please look at my picture - maybe send an E-Card to your friends across the globe!)
posted by Robbie Grace 2/08/2002 10:17:00 AM
Thursday, February 07, 2002
Mummy is taking me into school today to show me to the children she teaches - I'm so excited to be going!!! I hardly slept a wink of sleep last night!!!

I'm nearly a week old now and feel wiser thanks to all the advice I've been
e-mailed and I've learnt all sorts of new fings about places in the world through people signing my guestbook. Uncle Andrew wants me to challege Star Wars Fans vs. Harry Potter fans in my guestbook - I wonder who'll win? Mummy and Daddy think Harry Potter fans will, but Uncle Andrew assures me that Star Wars is bigger!!!

I'm very excited to be contacted by a TV company who want to cover my story tomorrow on TV!!! I must be one of the most famous babies ever born!!! I've got to announce my Pop Idol favourite for Saturdays Show... I'll do this like Ant and Dec (I prefer Ant btw)... The person I want to win Pop Idol, the youngest member of the Internet at only 6 days old is.... Gareth!!! He's just so cute! (though not quite as cute as me). Maybe you'll vote with me :-) I swear I'm not related to him or anything - have a look at my picture just incase you think the growing Gareth fanclub put this up!!!

Love you all, especially those that sign my guestbook,

Robbie xxx
The Internets Youngest Dot Tot
P.S. Fanks to Cliff Richard for signing my guestbook. Maybe Elvis'll sign it too??? If he e-mails me then I'll make sure I return to sender!!!

posted by Robbie Grace 2/07/2002 12:20:00 PM
Wednesday, February 06, 2002
Hello everybody!!!

I must be the lightest internet user now because I've lost weight!!! I'm now 7lb 2oz but not to worry because apparently its normal for babies to lose a little weight when we're so young - Mummy has been feeding my correctly!!!

I think I'm doing well on my world record attempt for the most hits in my first month of birth - please
sign my guestbook - I Just love to hear what all my new friends have to say and where they're all from. Mummy is excited to see some good old family friends in there now alongside my new friends from around the world. Todays challenge is to get as many Harry Potter fans to sign my guestbook as possible, maybe one day I'll be as famous as him!!!

Pleased to see my local newspaper wants to do a story on me now I'm just so famous. However I'm really really really getting excited about Pop Idol on Saturday - I've heard so many of the people sing now (when I was in the womb) - I can't wait to see what they all look like!!! Mummy supports Gareth and Daddy supports Will - tomorrow I'll reveal who I support, maybe you'll vote with me...;-}

A big hug to all those who've e-mailed and signed my guestbook - I love you all!!!

Robbie Grace Cripps - just had smelly nappy changed xxx
(129 hours, 29 minutes old)
P.S. Please feel free to send an E-Card wishing your friends "have a good day from the Internets Youngest member!"
posted by Robbie Grace 2/06/2002 12:44:00 PM
Tuesday, February 05, 2002
Hello Internet users from around the World,

I'm Robbie - I was born at 03:11am on Friday 1st February and weighed 7lb 8oz. I reckon I hold the record for being the youngest blogger ever and must at least be the lightess blogger at the moment!!! I'm also going for the record for the most hits on a new born babys website, so thank you all for visiting.

The weather here in Basingstoke's a bit better than the first few days (of my life) - it's rained non-stop!!!

Thankyou again for all your nice
e-mails and a big hello to those who've signed my guestbook!
Can't believe I've had visits from Paris, Singapore and somewhere called South Woodham Ferrers!!! Please claim your towns place in my guestbook, I fink this is my favourite game on the web so far!

Love to you all,

Robbie Grace Cripps xxx
(kept Mummy and Daddy awake a little last night!)
posted by Robbie Grace 2/05/2002 12:26:00 PM
Monday, February 04, 2002
Mummy is trying to get me to sleep right now,

I find it hard what with all the friends I've met here on the Net.

.Net Magazine have reported my amazing story in an article called Dot tot born to - I had to make my first ever press statement to them! Mummy gave me a little coaching on what to say (like that I read their magazine) and it was all very exciting. Looking forward to my first press conference. I wonder if any other news agencies will visit my site? Maybe Reuters or The BBC have been a bit slow so far...

Mummy and Daddy are finding it all a very new experience - I'm their only child right now and all the e-mails I've received have been lovely. Don't forget you can still e-mail or visit the website. I love to find out where people are from - Mummy is going to get a map and stick little flags in places I've conquered. One person reckons I'll get an e-mail from every USA state! I think I only know of 4 or 5 right now!!! (but I'm only young)

Enjoyed every bit of 'Manic Monday' - don't know what all the fuss is about this day - maybe I'll understand when I get a job! Perhaps Tuesday'll make me an even more busy baby.

Love you visitors, please try and sign my guestbook and let me know who you all are and where you're from,
Robbie xxx
(88 hours and 92 minutes old)
posted by Robbie Grace 2/04/2002 08:47:00 PM
Just had a little nap and - i fink i'm already obsessed - I'm adding to my website yet again!

Infact I must have spent the highest percentage of anyone on Blogger in their whole life!!!

I'm excited to see that you can find me now on through typing "Cripps" and fings - however one person got through using "iceland" - how???
Also I'm really really excited to be compared to Virginia Dare by who, Mummy and Daddy have had to consult the net for a history lesson in. Apparently she was the first child born of English parents in the new world! I guess I can be compared to her then {baby-blush}

I've also added a comments bit on the site for you and, despite teething problems (which a baby doesn't normally get till a bit older), all my photo albums and e-cards work now!!!

Love you all, my Internet friends in my new world,

Robbie Grace Cripps xxx
posted by Robbie Grace 2/04/2002 03:35:00 PM
Hello Internet users!!! I'm probably its youngest member - and certainly have the youngest e-cards on the Net right now!

If you want to wish somebody Happy Birthday from the Nets youngest Internet member then send this card.
If you want to say a big "have a good day" then send this card.

I'm a very tired two-and-three-quarter-day-old right now.

Promoting my site is wearing me ouzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz...

posted by Robbie Grace 2/04/2002 01:35:00 AM
Sunday, February 03, 2002
Here's my picture as much requested - I know - I'm a bit of a poser!!!

Back safe and sound at home now - though I've sadly missed Pop Idol ;-(

Set up a mirror site at - which is an easier to remember name to help you all tell your friends/ be announced on radio/ tv "new sprog" - It'll (hopefully) help me to get the record which I'll have framed next to my cot (and probably eat by the time I'm 3)!!!

Love Robbie Grace xx -
posted by Robbie Grace 2/03/2002 07:55:00 PM
Hello my best friends,

Thank you for visiting me. I've had a lot of visits in hospital now and
Auntie Kathryn has taken a photo of me which will go on here as soon as I can reach the scanner button!!! Love you all my new friends, thank you for all your e-mails and signing my guestbook. It's lovely knowing I have so many new friends already from all over the world - even the Himalayas (Aamer Agha, Baltoro Glacier, Himalayas, Pakistan)!!! Have a look at the photo he sent me! Love you!

Thanks Elisa (from Italy!!!) for your card - fankyou for the song - it's the first time I've ever heard such beautiful music (well, actually the first time I've heard music at all - outside the womb, of course - it sounds different) - Mummy tells it is "it's a wonderful world" - thankyou!

I'm finding Sundays a very quiet day, everything feels so new (and wonderful) though.

Love Robbie Grace xx
posted by Robbie Grace 2/03/2002 02:34:00 PM
Hi everybody - I'm still awake because of all the excitement of all the new friends I've made on my first full day!!!

I'd like to welcome in the new week (my first week!) by setting the 1st Ever Robbie Grace Cripps Challenge for Internet users.

Having had Bloggers official endorsement, my domain name registered less than twelve hours after my birth, 1, 000 new friends visit in my first 24 hours, and over 75 e mails -I'm pretty much the most famous baby ever on the Net!!! It all makes me gurgle sooooo much! So I'm gonna try to set a New World Record for "the most visitors on a persons internet site in their first week of Birth." I need as many of my new friends to tell their friends about me, link to me, blog me!, etc to set the world record. You've all got until 3am next Friday to help me set a unbeatable record. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. The site only counts you as one visitor - I probably get far more people go on the site - so refreshing the page doesn't count! (You Naughty Cheaters out there!!!)

Thank you again to all my visitors - so far the stats say I've been visited by:

USA 56.7%
UK 12.6%
Canada 7.7%
Australia 2.6%
Brazil 1.6%
Norway 0.9%
Germany 0.7%
Belgiun 0.7%
Sweden 0.5%
Italy 0.5%
Saudi Arabia 0.5%
Israel 0.5%
Singapore 0.5%
South Korea 0.5%
Netherlands 0.5%
Portugal 0.5%
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (where????????) 0.2%
Phillipines 0.2%
Spain 0.2%
Hong Kong 0.2%
Guam 0.2%
Venezuela 0.2%
Ireland 0.2%
Unknown 9.7% (please help me and e-mail me!!!)

I will send a letter to the Embassys which top the UK (where I'm born) for hits

Love to you all,

My New Best Friends,

Robbie Grace Cripps (The Most Famous Baby Girl in the World right now)
P.P.P.P.P.S Please send me more lovely e mails and sign my guestbook - I read them all!!!

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Saturday, February 02, 2002
Hello everybody it's the first time I've ever woken up!!!

And, this all so exciting, I've had over 500 hits on my little site since I was born at 3am yesterday morning.

Please e-mail me - I'm new to this world and I'd like as many e-mails as possible from all over the world (before I'm 2).
So far people have said hello from:

Manchester, England - Richard -
Ricky Blogger
Australia - Andrew F -
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Helana
São Paulo, Brazil - Leonardo
Finland -Keni
South Carolina, USA - Rainbow
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - Allen Boudreaux -
Phillipines, wedgie - wedgienet
Eagan, Minnesota, USA - Jonathan P. Jones -
The Netherlands - Pieter Hooghoudt
NYC, USA - Gyongyi Gaal
Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia - Natasha
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, US - Kim (thank you for the card - truly beautiful!)
Connecticut - USA - Nicole
Bournemouth, UK - Andy
Antwerp, Belgium - Bart
Cebu city,Philippines - Martsanz
Conneticut, USA - Emily
Columbus, OH, USA - Jennifer St.Clair Bush
Norway - Ane
Terrigal, Australia NSW - Andrew
San Antonio, Texas - Belinda Spafford
Chicago, Illinois - Harper Ella Atkins (Just turned 1!!!! - Hello fellow Baby!)
India - Navin Sigamany
Christchurch, Dorset, England - Mike
Brooklyn, NYC, USA - Chris
Montreal, Canada - Dominique Delhaes
Bologna - Grandpa Luigi
Saudi Arabia - xoxo maha
Chapel Hill, NC - kristen
Canada - kelly
Reykjavik, Iceland - Sverrir J.
Phoenix, AZ. - Nicole
New Brunswick, Canada - Sarah (and children)
Another Baby Blog!!! - Joco & Alex
Colchester United Football Club - Matt, Media Manager
Holland/The Netherlands - Mirna
fl - jenn
Canada - Dahhling Ursula
British Columbia, Canada - Silver Flame
Singapore - yenyee
Baltoro Glacier, Himalayas, Pakistan - Aamer Agha
North Carolina, USA - Lane
Alabama, USA - Katie
Los Angeles, California, USA - Brian Linse
USA - Erin
Southport, UK - Michael Dale
The Queen's College, Sally Stephens
Another Baby Blog!!! Oskar Tex Hosken
Montclair, New Jersey - Jeff Shrensel
arizona - leanne
Ohio, USA - Moni
Ontario, Canada - Marc Tytus
Guam, the largest island in the Marianas - James - Hafa adai! 2 u 2!
{Finally updated! Phew!!! Fanks to all my e-mails on Day 1 - now how about... Day 2)

Looking forward to my first full day!!!

Love Robbie x
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I've just checked with Ev, the man behind Blogger and it's official - I'm the first person he's heard of Born on Blogger! He said:

"I couldn't tell you for sure if Robbie is the first baby to get a blog set up on her date of birth -- but it's the first time I've heard about such a thing. Cool!"

What's more claims I'm its youngest member!

Thank you to all my well-wishers on the Internet - please e-mail me - I'd like an E-Mail from every country in the world before I'm age 2!

Love Robbie x
posted by Robbie Grace 2/02/2002 12:46:00 AM
Friday, February 01, 2002
Hello everybody!!! I've just been born - Infact I'm possibly the first baby to have a Blogger website set up on my date of birth (though I'll have to check). I was born at 3am today, and weigh 7lb 8oz. My proud parents Matthew and Mandy Cripps named me Robbie Grace Cripps. I'd like to say hello to all my new relatives and Uncle Andrew who has just made it back from Australia to see me!!! I'm the newest Dot Tot in town!!!
posted by Robbie Grace 2/01/2002 01:48:00 PM


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