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Thursday, March 14, 2002
Hello to all my Internet firends,

Yes I'm back!! Sorry I haven't put an entry in for a little while - my websites had quite a few problems because so many people were going on it. Also who make my guestbook had a secruity problem and when they got the guestbook working again I'd lost about 30 entries (boo hoo!) I still love them though 'cos their guestbooks are really really nice and have allowed me to get messages from right around the world - the last I got was from Hong Kong!!! Also my counters gone back by about 2 thousand people - which I'm sure Robbie fans who came on here for my one moth birthday can testify!

Back to baby things. Well it's been an eventual couple fo weeks. I've started to walk and can now say 22 words.... just joking! I've been very busy being visited by all my new friends. I been watching the Simpsons with Mummy and Daddy a lot at six thirty. I really like Maggie - she's so sweet. Nearly as sweet as me.

Thank you all for visiting. A big hello to all my Canadian visitors from TelUS - r any of you going to sign my guestbook? I know its had its problems - but it'd be nice to get some new messages! A big hello to m great cousin Chrissie who signed my book the other day - and also to alnyone who's come here from Web User Magazine.

Love to you all, my best friends in the whole world (literally!!!)

Robbie Grace xxx
(42 days young, very ickle)
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posted by Robbie Grace 3/14/2002 02:29:00 PM
Friday, March 01, 2002
Hi everyone - I'm now one month old! It's all just made me too excited!

Yesterday I went to a baby clinic and met lots of new friends (more my age - none of them had as good as advice as I've got in my guestbook though - from my internet friends)

I now weigh 8lb 12 which is very good for a little baby.

Love to you all, thanks for all supporting me in my quest to get as many hits as I can during my first month of birth. The final figure is... 19,930 different people visited me in my first month alive. Maybe I should just round that up to a cool 20,000 people for the World Record books? That's probably not allowed, though. Love you all!!! Thank you for all visiting me and reading about my wonderful little life. There can't be that many babies who've had a concerts worth of people visit their website in their first month alive can there!

Robbie Grace xxx
(29 days old)

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posted by Robbie Grace 3/01/2002 04:22:00 PM


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